audiences closer to their hearts...

one song at the time

A perfect description of how audiences feel about Janet & Marc´s performances and productions. They have performed leading roles in major operas and musicals, on television and in concert throughout Europe and the USA - with highlights such as "Phantom of the Opera", "Les Misérables", "Carmen", "Marriage of Figaro" and "Ludwig".


Janet & Marc are extraordinary performers who bring an intimacy and romance to the stage which together makes magic. Their harmony has been captured an many CDs and recordings for SONY and BMG and their music interweaves genres from musical, classical to Hollywood film music.


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Janet & Marc producee charity events and contribute their musical talents and portions from sales from their CDs to help support charity organizations such as the Children´s Cancer Research in Bavaria and the Edwards Center in Oregon, USA.

Castle Neuschwanstein

Janet & Marc had the honour to perform at a unique and exclusive concert series called "Königliche Abendmusik" in the world famous Singer´s Hall in the Castle Neuschwanstein. They were also responsible for the artistic direction.